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Stigma Global Ltd is a music company with the core of the business being focused on management of artists and staging of events. Our small, dynamic team has a background in various areas within the music industry, with experience at both major and independent labels, promotions, and business affairs. Through our 3rd party consultancies, we offer our clients support on a worldwide scale.

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Stigma 1 in 4 is an organization that seeks to break down the Stigma surrounding mental illness through music, entertainment, and research. By staging and promoting music and comedy events, both live' and online, Stigma will promote dialogue and the exchange of information and ideas about mental illness amongst a young, dynamic audience.

Many people experience mental illness and many also face challenges which, themselves, can have an even greater impact on the person as the illness itself. This is usually as a result of peoples negative attitudes and ignorance towards mental illness. It is this Stigma surrounding mental illness, which causes so many unnecessary additional problems.

"We seek to break down the Stigma suffered by all, through stimulating dialogue and the exchange of information about mental illness"

We aim to inspire people to think, discuss and openly ask the questions:

We want people to challenge their own prejudices about a subject that many might potentially not understand.

It is through increased awareness and understanding that we will reduce the Stigma surrounding mental illness.

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About us

Stigma is a music company based in London that focuses on music events and artist management. Stigma stages intimate gigs as well as a broad range of events in venues across the country.

At the heart of Stigma is 1-in-4, the organization’s charitable foundation, which directly benefits from Stigma’s events. 1-in-4 is named after the statistical number of people in the UK who will experience an episode of mental ill health during their lifetime. Our team is committed to raising awareness and understanding of those dealing with these experiences. Funds raised from Stigma’ s events go directly to 1-in-4. As an organization, Stigma is committed to utilizing music for the benefit of the recipients of its charitable foundation.

Adjei Amaning – Director / Founder
Adjei has over 30 years of experience in the music / entertainment industry, starting as an artist signed to Chrysalis, and working in both management and A&R. He has worked within both the major and the independent sector of the industry and across a wide genre of music from jazz through dance, pop and rock. He is working with his colleagues in Stigma on a major charitable concert with AEG here in London at the O2 arena, and on smaller events with major brands such as Lad Bible, as well as managing some very exciting up-and-coming bands.

Gerard Louis – Director / Commercial & Finance
Gerard trained in a firm of accountants before joining the Virgin Group of companies that started a 25 year involvement in the music / entertainment industry. As a commercial / financial controller in both the UK and USA, he has worked for companies such as Gee Street Records / Polygram and Sanctuary Music Group PLC.

Lizzie Pelz – Director / Music & Artist Liaison
Lizzie attended the Claremont Colleges in California where she earned a BA in Economics. After working as the right hand to the CEO of a branded entertainment company, she went back to school to study Music Business at the Musicians Institute in Hollywood, CA. She has garnered a wealth of experience and knowledge working with her many successful friends in the west coast music scene in the States. Since moving to London in 2014, she joined Stigma and took on the role of Music and Artist Liaison as well as co-manager of various bands working side by side with Adjei.

Theo 'The G(r)eek' Mortis – Head of Innovation
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